Get Your Florence Wifi Pass

The Florenc Wifi Pass
This is a global pass allowing you to use internet in a ever growing number of public hotspots in Florence. Once you receive your WifiPass you will be able to connect to the WifiPass network, log in and use the internet. By using our interactive Google Map you can locate the hotspot closest to you. Depending on the hotspot policies you may be asked to order a drink or a dish so you can occupy a table and use your wireless device in confort.

The Wifi + 3G pass
This pass allows you to use wireless internet in any of the participating hotspots and in the confort of your home. The price may vary depending on the number of home users sharing the service. The 29 Euro pass is offered to 3 or more students sharing an apartment. By ordering this plan you will receive immediate access to all Florence WiFiPass public hotspots. For more info on 3G and to activate a 3G pass you will need to stop by our WifiPass support center below.

Wifpass Florence Support Center
Via dei Conti 22 red (see map)
ph. +393481520200 or mobile +393481520200
USA Toll Free: +1-866-6307839

How to connect to Wifipass

How to connect to the Web through WifiPass
1) Display wireless networks, select Wifipass and click "Connect"
2) Open a browser such as Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
3) Open any site and wait for the screen with the "Login" form.
4) Enter username and password received in the form to the left and select "Login".
5) Accept the Pop up screens sent from Wifipass.
If you connect to the Internet using a smartphone it is preferable to register and login with the browser that came with your phone. Once connected you can also use other browsers like Opera Mini.

Comment faire pour obtenir la connexion à Internet via WifiPass
1) Afficher les réseaux sans fil, selectionez Wifipass et cliquez sur "Connect"
2) Ouvrez un navigateur tel que Safari, Internet Explorer ou Firefox.
3) Ouvrez n'importe quel site et attendre l'écran avec le formulaire de connexion.
4) Insérer votre nom d'utilisateur et mot de passe reçu et cliquez sur "Connexion"
5) Acceptez le Pop up que WifiPass vous propose.
Si vous vous connectez à Internet via un smartphone il est préférable de vous inscrire et vous connecter avec le navigateur fourni avec votre téléphone. Une fois connecté, vous pouvez également utiliser d'autres navigateurs comme Opera Mini.

Istruzioni per la richiesta della password e la connessione a Internet tramite WifiPass
1) Visualizzare le reti senza fili, scegliere Wifipass e cliccare su "Connetti"
2) Aprire un browser come Safari, Internet Explorer o Firefox.*
3) Aprire un sito qualunque ed attendere la schermata con il modulo di "Login".
4) Inserite la Username e Password nel modulo di sinistra e selezionate "Login".
5) Accettate i Pop up provenienti da
Se ci si collega a Internet con uno SmartPhone è preferibile effettuare la registrazione e il Login con il browser fornito con il telefonino.
Una volta collegati si possono utilizzare anche altri browser come Opera Mini.